Sunday, 7 October 2012

Yeah I want to raid….. Wait…. there's and application???

Well I made it to 90.  It took some doing I have to say, many people raced through but I took a slightly steadier approach.  Distracted by things such as farming and pet battles and alts.  Non the less I got there and it's really good.  There is much to do.  Mostly I'm referring to things to actually do in game but there is plenty still to do in guild also.

With a number now at 90 and working their way through the gearing up process its time to start getting the raid teams together.  To this end I have opened up the raid application process. 

The way I work recruitment in Virtue is that I will let anyone join our guild, if they are a plank they will get kicked though.  This means that you need to have some way of sifting out the raiders and making sure they are able to do basic things like navigate to a forum to look up tactics etc. 

Firstly the members of the raid team have additional rules to adhear to. They are below:
  1. All Raid members must complete an application
  1. All Raiding Members must be able to listen to Ventrillo (Talking is not required)
  1. All Raid Members must be able to understand and communicate in English
  1. Raids will be scheduled using the in game calendar - Check regularly and respond
  2. Raid team members that confirm for a raid must not 'no show' without good reason. Post on forums if you can't make it
  3. Always be ready on time for the raid, out side the instance with Buff Food and Flasks if a cauldron is not available that night.
  4. Always be prepared for the bosses we will face - Read tactics and Watch Video's before the raid. The RL will make a post before we go to face new bosses – Read it all!
  5. All gear must be properly enchanted and gemmed - if you need guidance ask your class leader or RL
  6. Raid members must not PuG raids, that are current content. If your unsure as the GM or Officer.
  7. Raid Members, and Raid Reserves, will always get preferential treatment when selecting teams (even alts for alt runs)
  8. You must not go to the other teams raid on your Main unless your team has finished raiding for a week (you may go on an alt)
  9. If you do not wish to take your alt to the other teams raid then the other teams Raid Leader must not pressure you to do so – no is a perfectly acceptable answer.
  1. All raiders must have 2 professions, levelled that benefit their main role, Ideally these will be production professions for the primary stat boost, secondary professions are acceptable though.
  1. In Raids formal breaks will be announced, so don't drink too much, or get a catheter fitted- this is so we don't have brb's between every wipe
  1. Don't spam raid chat, or general chat in the instance
  2. Don't argue over Vent
  1. All Raiders must have DBM
  1. Raiders must responded to the Invites at least 48 Hours before the raid (they go in the calendar a week in advance)
  2. Raiders must Confirm or Decline the raid invite (or post on the forum) at least 3 Hours before the raid
  3. DPS must Double Pot when fighting raid bosses. Tanks should do the same. Healers Should use at least one at their discretion as to whether the first one is worth it at the start

Pretty basic rules to get people working together properly and maximise the small amount of time that we have to raid together.  Having Ventrilo, Reading tactics, enchanting gear, not pugging all standard in any raid team. 
As we are to have 2 raid teams I'm hoping that alts can fill in the others raid teams when needed, however I don't want anyone to feel pressured and end up burning out., hence 12. Two Professions is new one, we've had some people come along without levelled professions and they can make a difference.  Equivalent of 640 Primary stat (depending on prof) for the 2 professions makes a difference when scaled up to the whole team.  So I think it a worthy addition.
Formal breaks is just required for a bit of discipline in wipe recovery so people are always running back, instead of brbing all the time.
Responding to invites in time is always a challenge, so I put in in here and I've actually increased the amount of time they need to respond before the raid, this is so that we'll know ahead of time whether we need to be getting some fill ins for a particular raid.
Double potting - similar to the professions, we have little time in the raid so everything we can do to help should be done. Even if it means a little grinding for the raiders outside of the raids.

To support the rules raid team members must complete and application to get on the team.  This also allows for the officers to give them feedback on such things are addons professions reforging etc.   Talents used to be in there also but that will be less important these days.

It's not a complicated app here it is:

  1. Which Character do you wish to raid on?
  2. What is your main spec?
  1. What is your offspec?
  1. What Addons do you currently use?
  2. Have you got Ventrillo? If not you will need to get it.
  3. Post a Screenshot of your UI:
  4. What Raids have you undertaken before?
  5. Would you be willing/able to Raid lead if required?
  1. Have you read the Rules and Understood them?
  1.  What's you professions and what level are they?
  2. What days can you raid on?
  1. Put a link to your Armory Page here please:

First 3 question are self explanatory.  I ask them what addons they are using as you'd be surprised how many people think they can show up with out a encounter helper like DBM.  Even though it's in the raid rules, simmerly with the Ventrilo thing.  People still want to come along with out listening capability. 

The screenshot I nicked from a guild I applied to along time ago.  I think it's a really good way of seeing how other people see the world.  Again we can help with feedback on some addon's people may find of use. 

Previous raids.  Always good to have an idea of someone experience in raids and whether they have the ability to step in for the raid leaders if required.

Have they read and understood the raid rules.  This is a deal breaker, if they say no they don't get in.  Of course everyone says yes, but once I have it in Black and White they can't show up to a raid without flasks and food, for example,  saying they didn't know it was required and then the epgp bat can be applied fairly.

Days? We're still deciding on days and we have 2 team raiding different days so good to know where people can go.

Amory.  A handy link for the officers to review the candidate.

So there you have the raid application process for our raid teams.  Hopefully this goes someway to explaining why your GM/ Raid leader has all these rules.  They are there to benefit you.  No body want to hang out with they guy that's not pulling their weight and having clear rules allows the officers to correct peoples actions fairly.  Like I say communication is key and once something is written down people can't say they didn't know. (If they can't make their way to a forum, that's their own look out!)

Quick recruitment update.  Had a number of new people join the guild this week.  Not sure how many of them are raiders but obviously the above will help, still more required to flesh out those 2 teams.  A number of new level 90 Dings including myself.  Most of the officers are there now, which is good.  Still looking to fill the social officer role and the recruitment officer role.  Hopefully we'll find some suitable people soon.